Refuge for women and their children

Are you looking for refuge in an anonymous shelter? Then write an e-mail to or call us: 06442 9544844.

With us you will find fast and unbureaucratic admission. We work together with youth welfare offices if you are under 18 years old.

Perlenschatz is a non-profit crisis and protection facility for women and their children, affected by domestic violence, specializing in violence in the name of „honor“ (when oppression or violence is justified by family honor). The non-profit association is based in Solms in central Hesse and works nationwide in shelters that are run as residential communities with house parents.

Perlenschatz sees its mission primarily in refugee women and women with a migration background. We work with a volunteer team of interpreters. If you speak a little bit of German, it is better to write in German. Then you will get an answer faster.

If you have to escape in a hurry, we will try to provide the most necessary things for you. But it is better if you can plan your escape. Then you should bring the following documents with you: list

Later on, it is usually not so easy to get hold of certain documents and probably your partner will not hand them over voluntarily. However, your safety and that of your children is of utmost importance. If you have already left your home, please do not return under any circumstances to retrieve forgotten items.

If you have experienced violence, we recommend that you report your partner. This can be helpful, for example, if you have children and later have to fight for custody.

You can leave a brief message that you want to start your own life and not wanted to be located.

Be careful not to leave any traces that could indicate your present location or place of shelter. Refrain from leaving notes and phone numbers, delete call lists in your phone and cell phone, and delete your Internet history.

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